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December’s Community Workout








Thank you so much to everyone that came to our FREE Community workout this past Sunday. We had a blast working off all of that turkey. We hold these events the first Sunday of each month at 2:30, so please come to the next one in January. These workouts are designed for the person who is new to CrossFit and may or may not need modifications. You will receive lots of instruction and meet a large part of our community.  I look forward to seeing you all there in the future.

-Coach John

Veteran’s Day

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CrossFit and the military have always had a strong connection. Law enforcement, FireFighters, Military and other first responder careers need the fitness to transition from strength to endurance to power and back. I ended my military career before CrossFit was widespread through the military, but I wish I had been exposed back then. I would have been a better sailor.

 Today is Veteran’s Day, and a day to say “thank you” to all those who served before and those that serve now. The burden that Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines bear from war is difficult to understand unless you have served. CrossFit West Nashville regularly participates in a program with the Nashville Chapter of Wounded Warrior Project to provide an opportunity for Wounded Warriors to become part of a team again, to learn to be healthy,  and make new friends. If you know of a veteran scared physically or emotionally that would benefit from CrossFit, please email us at or email the Wounded Warrior Project. We want to help and say Thank You.  

Congratulations to Julia D and Mike

Julia D










This past weekend at the 2013 Scary Strong Games, our athletes Julia Daily and Mike McDonald competed in the scaled division. Julia came in 1st place and Mike in 9th. We are very proud of their accomplishments. Make sure you congratulate them when you see them. 

The Scary Strong Games is a fundraiser to support the local Steve’s Club in Nashville. This program provides nutrition and CrossFit to underprivileged kids. For more information on this program, please go to

July 4th Fundraiser Workout for St Jude’s



Come join us at 10:00 am on July 4th for the “CrossFit for Hope” fundraiser for St. Jude’s. There is no minimum donation, we just ask that you consider whatever you can. The workout can be modified to fit anyone’s fitness level. We hope to see you there!

Nutrition Research





Nutrition is a difficult field. Since every person contains a different genetic code, their body responds differently to food. You can find several people who successfully lost weight with every type of diet known, even a McDonald’s only diet. Then of course, there is the emotional attachment to food that really makes it difficult to adhere to any type of diet. Gary Taubes is an author who has honed in on the obesity issue and challenges our scientific community’s approach to solving obesity.  Gary has written many books including “Why We Get Fat,” and “Good Calories, Bad Calories“. Gary insists that the information that we base our nutritional guidelines on is flawed and there needs to be new research conducted in order to understand how we each respond to calories. To accomplish this, Gary teamed up with Peter Attia and formed the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSi). Recently, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, after listening to Gary talk about what could be, decided to challenge Gary and Peter “to put your money where your mouth is” so to speak and has agreed to fund this 10-15 year long project with a 5 million dollar seed grant. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this project. Whether you agree or disagree with Gary’s perspective, I would recommend you read his books. They provide a different perspective that could help you. Also, listed below are links to a talk Gary gave at a CrossFit meeting. 

Gary Talk 1

Gary Talk 2

Gary Talk 3

Educate yourself on Nutrition to decide what is best for you. Nutrition Coach, Rob is here to help answer questions on this subject.


Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary CrossFit West Nashville! April 2nd marked one full year since we opened our doors. The time has flown by. Our success would not be possible without the support of our community, the incredible coaches, and the best members of any CrossFit gym. Big announcements will be coming soon for the future of CFWN and our party to celebrate. Stay Tuned!

Talon Spring Fling 2013

Congratulations to our CFWN athletes who competed in the Spring Fling Throwdown at CrossFit Talon this Saturday. Aaron Martin, Edwin Bryan, Bryan De Cuir, Anelisa Martin, and Jim Loftis all represented well. I am sure that this is the first of many competitions to come for 2013. Thank you for putting it all on the line out there.

April Community Workout

April’s FREE Community workout was incredible! We worked out for an hour and a half while taking advantage of the first beautiful weekend of the year. There were three different 10 min workouts, each including different movements. They included tire flips, sled pushes, burpees, running, jump rope, squats, and push presses. Several people had never experienced CrossFit before or worked out in a long time. Thank you to all who came and I look forward to seeing you all in our CrossFit 101 classes.


Coach John

Future WOD’s

All future WOD’s are now emailed out to members but feel free to look through the last year’s programming to see how we do things here.