The Kinser’s













Name: Kristin Kinser

Age: 38

Profession: Stay at home mom

Name: Dixon Kinser

Age: 38

Profession: Episcopal Priest


How long have you been Crossfitting?  6 months proper

What has the CrossFit lifestyle enabled you to achieve? 

Neither of us considered ourselves athletic when we started CrossFit. We were active but exercised on our own in a more haphazard way. CrossFit provided a way for us to bring both intentionality and effectiveness to our weekly exercise routine. It’s scalability has allowed us to jump in right where we were yet inspired us to move deliberately toward new fitness goals.

For example, when we started CrossFit, I (Dixon), couldn’t jump rope. At all. Period. When the workouts called for jumping roping I would just do jumping jacks. I assumed that jumping rope was “just something I couldn’t do.”

However, in training with John Kennedy and CrossFit that old tape in my head was not allowed to get the last word. Through John’s encouragement and instruction I was able to learn to jump rope and have even begun to master more advanced techniques like the “double under”.

We have also seen incredible physical results. I (Kristin) lost more than 6% body fat in my first 30 days of following John’s nutritional guidance and training CrossFit. Those results dwarf anything my aerobics classes or “at home” training have ever produced.

Followng the CrossFit way with a spouse is especially enjoyable.  It has been helpful with things like nutrition and motivation but it has also engendered a playful sense of competition between the two of us. After a work out we always call each other to “brag” about how tough it was and share how we did during training. CrossFit has made our marriage healthier from the inside out.

Why would you recommend CrossFit West Nashville?  

What you’re going to get at CrossFit West Nashville is leaps and bounds beyond you’ll find in a general fitness class or DVD program.

John Kennedy is an experienced and credentialed trainer who has vast knowledge in everything from training techniques to nutrition. He also has a nurturing spirit so you feel cared for as he trains you. The small class sizes provide that all members can train safely, set individualized goals, and maintain access to quality guidance in areas like nutrition.

Most importantly, while everyone trains hard at CrossFit WestNashville, the place feels like a family and that’s not something you’re going to get from the DVD.

If you could summarize CrossFit in one word, what would it be?  Empowering.