Diane & Larry: CrossFit for Community

One day Diane and Larry walked into a gym and signed up for a membership…and didn’t go back for two years. When they decided it was time to use the membership they’d been paying for, they signed up for a few classes with a personal trainer, worked on some machines, and quit again.

“It wasn’t that our trainer was bad. It’s just that we weren’t motivated to go to the gym,” said Diane.

They continued to walk and jog at home, but as they grew older they became more concerned about maintaining their general good health and mobility.

“We’re 67 years old,” said Larry. “We’ve always been active, but you have to start thinking about injury prevention and taking care of what you have. So we decided to try the gym again.”

DianeThis time they were assigned to John Kennedy, the (future) owner of CrossFit West Nashville. John didn’t rely on the exercise machines to get his clients in shape. He used a much more effective machine his clients’ bodies.

“We would do bear crawls, squats, push-ups. John was introducing a lot of CrossFit movements into the class,” said Diane. “He would use every open space in the gym, whether it was meant to be for exercising or not. We would do bear crawls up and down the halls. Other members would have to jump out of our way.”

John’s methods were effective and motivating. For once, Diane and Larry were looking forward to their training sessions and kept coming back.

Larry“When John decided to leave the other gym and open CrossFit West Nashville, we came with him. A lot of people did,” said Larry. “John had already created a community. We wanted to stay part of that community.”

Diane and Larry mostly attend the Functional Strength and Conditioning classes offered at CFWN. These classes use traditional CrossFit methods, but focus on the core strength exercises like squats, presses, push-ups and pull ups.

“Larry did five pull ups on this 65th birthday,” said Diane. “He likes the pull ups and push-ups. I like doing cleans.”

“I was surprised at how competitive she gets!” said Larry. “John and all the coaches, and our CrossFit family – they just make you want to work harder when you’re here.”

Diane and Larry no longer waste a monthly gym membership. They show up to CFWN several times a week. “Our health is better. Our conditioning is better. Our mobility is better. CrossFit is a part of our life now.”

Diane and Larry