Lisa: CrossFit for Strength

If strength is the ability to overcome life’s obstacles, Lisa was on her way to becoming Wonder Woman before she ever stepped into a CrossFit box. Having conquered years of addiction and weakness, Lisa began her path to physical fitness at the local gym. There, she and her husband did their best to follow the CrossFit main site programming.

Lisa CrossFit for Strength

“The gym didn’t have everything we needed. I did a lot of rowing,” said Lisa. “We also did WODs at home. We used our coffee table for box jumps.”

Soon she adopted the paleo lifestyle and began losing weight. Eating paleo gave her new ideas for her catering business. “I wondered if local CrossFitters would be interested in prepared paleo foods,” Lisa said.

So when Lisa saw a large tire in the window of the empty store next door to her catering kitchen, she immediately introduced herself to the new neighbors.

“I walked inside and asked ‘Are you opening a CrossFit box?’” said Lisa. “And they were. So when CrossFit West Nashville opened on April 1, 2012, I was a member.”


At first, joining CFWN made Lisa nervous. She wasn’t used to working out in a group environment. “I didn’t know if I would fit in with everyone. I wanted to be a good team member. What if no one liked me? But I decided I didn’t care. Nothing was going to stop me from doing this.”

Lisa benefited immediately from the programming at CrossFit West Nashville. She no longer cherry-picked her workouts, and CFWN’s consistent schedule made her more accountable. “When I first started, I could only jump on a 5” box, and only if I was holding someone’s hand. Now I can use a 24” box during a workout. Also, I used to back squat 45 lbs. – just a barbell. Now I back squat 175 lbs.”

Joining the CFWN family came with an additional bonus: a testing ground for her new paleo recipes. Soon multiple local gyms were requesting her paleo meals, and a new business venture was born. Lisa’s Paleo Works is now a gym staple throughout Middle Tennessee’s CrossFit community, and Lisa can usually be found feeding hundreds of people at local competitions.

But not only is Lisa feeding competition athletes, she’s also becoming one. This fall she was part of the team representing CrossFit West Nashville in the Music City Box League – a weekly matchup of local CrossFit boxes. “2015 is the year I enter a competition,” she said. “And I want to master double unders – smooth and flawless, like a pro.”

Lisa Push Up

Lisa’s biggest fear of joining CFWN ended up providing the biggest reward. “At CrossFit West Nashville, I have a sense of family, love, respect. I know if I asked anyone here for help, they would help me. During my years as an alcoholic, my weaknesses ran my life. Now I live my life for my strengths. CFWN has been a safe place for me to discover those strengths…and a lot of happiness.”

Lisa Running