Rob: CrossFit for Movement

Rob Nacarato 3Rob likes to make people laugh. Whether he’s belly-grunting his way through a heavy WOD or loading up on chalk (Rob, we’re doing box jumps…), he attacks every workout with a contagious enthusiasm. But the Rob who first walked into CrossFit West Nashville in April 2013 wasn’t happy. Or healthy.

“I was skinny-fat,” said Rob. “And depressed.” Over the years Rob started spending more time in front of the television than outside. He was so out of shape that he no longer participated in the outdoor activities he used to enjoy, like hiking and mountaineering.

His cousin Julia, who had joined CFWN several months earlier, persuaded Rob to try CrossFit. “I’d never really experienced working out in a group, but I needed to do something to get moving,” Rob said. “Julia had seen great results with CrossFit so I decided to try it.”

Within a few weeks Rob was already experiencing changes. “I realized I had less anxiety and I was losing fat,” said Rob. He also began spending more time outdoors, climbing and hiking.

But soon an old rotator cuff injury started getting in the way of progress in the gym. Because the rotator cuff is used so often in CrossFit – for example, during overhead movements and pull ups – it’s important that the muscles that make up the rotator cuff are strong enough to maintain proper stability during exercise.

Rob Nacarato 1For Rob, this sparked an interest in body mechanics and overall anatomy. He began treatments with massage and active release therapy. At CrossFit West Nashville he learned shoulder mobility movements and proper form. Slowly, the pain in his shoulder started to subside.

“I’d had problems with my shoulder for so long. After I started CrossFit, I was motivated to do something about it,” Rob said.

In early 2014, almost a year after joining CFWN, Rob began attending the Competition classes. “I never knew I was so competitive,” he said. “The Competition classes have programming that involves heavier weights and advanced skills that prepare you for competitions.” Rob has competed in both the Music City Box League as well as Battle for the Box.

“I’m not depressed anymore. I have less anxiety. I have discipline and goals,” said Rob. “The CrossFit Community challenges me and holds me accountable. I’ve learned that the better I take care of myself, the better I perform – at the gym and in life.”

Rob Nacarato 2