Jennifer Bisio

I have been training with John Kennedy since January 2011.  When I started training with John I did not consider myself to be athletic in anyway. As a full time Health Care professional, mother, and wife I often over looked my own health and fitness. As embarrassing as it is to say it, I was overweight and had no experience with the types of exercises we do in Cross Fit. What I did have was the passion to make a change in my life and to become healthy. John helped me with my goals of losing weight and getting in shape, but more than that, he encouraged me to try new activities that I never would have considered on my own.  Because of John’s encouragement, in 2011 I trained for and raced in 2 sprint triathlons and a two-day 115 mile charity bike ride. So far this year (2012) I am training for a ½ marathon trail race and may do a sprint triathlon or two in addition to whatever else presents itself.
The exercises we learn in Cross Fit not only make you stronger and burn fat, but they prepare your body and mind for the challenges of endurance activities like running, biking, swimming, skiing, etc.  Because Cross Fit is an all around fitness program if you do it regularly it helps prevent injury.  For example, in trail running I have to run on very steep technical terrain in all weather conditions so I have to have quick reflexes and balanced muscles to assist with the precarious footing I encounter.
Cross Fit West Nashville also provides information on proper nutrition. I found a change in my nutrition was so important in my weight loss and athletic performance. John can provide you with information to help you with that as well.
I highly recommend Cross Fit West Nashville to anyone who wants to get in shape, get stronger, have fun, be challenged, and do things you never thought you could in a supportive environment.