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CrossFit West Nashville is a community of fitness and health minded individuals who understands that there is a magic pill for health. You take it once per day with plenty of water and it is called CrossFit.


Imagine a place that you love to go to everyday. A place where everyone knows your name. CrossFit West Nashville is just that kind of place. This is a place that truly cares about your well being and professionally makes sure you are at your best. CrossFit West Nashville is an escape from the everyday grind. Our members push themselves and each other to be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for anything. Deep friendships develop and flourish through small team workouts, but more than anything, friendships grow from the encouragement and support you receive wherever your fitness levels are at. The goal is simply to be better today than you were yesterday. This is CrossFit West Nashville.

CFWN Gym 2

Our mission is to partner with other community health and fitness organizations to encourage, lead, and push the West Nashville area into a healthier place to live for families, adults, and children.

You might have seen CrossFit on ESPN2, a Reebok commercial, or highlighted in your favorite fitness magazine lately. Reebok calls it the “Sport of Fitness.” CrossFit is actually a sport that you can compete in. As such it really attracts ex-athletes and first responders like firefighters, police, and military personnel. The approach to fitness as a sport is unique to CrossFit, and one of the secrets to it’s success. Nobody expects to play a week of football and get drafted to the NFL, but it is common for people to want to lose 30 lbs after a week at the gym. Both sports and fitness require learning new skills, practice, commitment, supportive team, and short and long term goals. CrossFit provides all this. I am sure you are tired of trying every new craze out there to get in shape. Make your last stop count, and get in the game with CrossFit.

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